For twelve years the Province of Tosa has been blessed with peace and prosperity. Peace and prosperity that has been won through valiant battle and sacrifice that has left Tosa with little army yet still what remains defends the earned peace and prosperity. Until sea faring invades lay siege to Kochi, a capital port for Tosa and threatens this lasting peace and prosperity. With the invaders not willing to negotiate the Shogun orders his many Daimyo to travel Tosa in search for recruits to train in order to bolster the dwindling ranks of Samurai for the inevitable military confrontation. 



Born the son of a farmer, he worked hard for many years to become a Samurai and that training has led to a redundancy of the Bushido code in Takihara’s blood. He spits the code even as he sleeps. As a fierce samurai he rode at the front of the assault without fear, the pride of the samurai forces. After saving the life of an injured enemy, a strict Daimyo confronted Takihara and nearly rejected him out of the samurai ranks; which would have led to seppuku and the end of Takihara if it were not for the Shogun to save him. Appointing him as his closest body guard in honor of the mercy he showed to fallen enemies, the Shogun spent many years knowing his life was in the hands of the perfect Samurai protector. Many years later, the older Shogun, no longer needing a bodyguard in the times of peace, appointed the loyal samurai as a Daimyo of legendary status. Takihara lives and breathes the Bushido code - so too should his recruits.



The oldest of the Shogun's Daimyo. He was considerable force on the battlefield in his younger years. Working hard as soldier and educator on the front lines of war,  the former Shogun realized his worth as Daimyo and appointed him to the status long before the current Shogun took over. After the passing of the former Shogun and the rise of the new Shogun,  Jujin acted more as a council then actual commander, unless he needed too. There is no man more respected by the Shogun then Jujin, a trait he requires in all potential recruits. 



The Shogun's only child and daughter. Raised by Jujin in her father’s absence she values knowledge and tactics above combat skill. When she turned 18, her father appointed her Daimyo of her home region and commissioned her to rule while he is absent, her companion dog Jurio always at her side. Her loyalty to Jurio and her father runs in her veins, she seeks that same loyalty in her recruits. 



Grui  once massacred an entire battalion of Samurai while they occupied his home village. His eyes blind like juggernaut, breaking though samurai ranks like they were paper men until he meet Jujin on the battlefield. Jujin, being a cunning linguist and mystical old man, was able to temper his rage and convince him that the Samurai occupation would be over sooner if the enemies of the samurai where destroyed by night fall – which they were once Grui joined Jujin in battle against the pillaging bandits. From that battle on, the Shogun appointed Grui a Daimyo of worth under his command. Perhaps this unusual command was less to gain a worthy commander and more to avoid confrontation with the brute on future battlefields. It take a man, or some say and army, of mighty courage to face Grui in combat. A final test to any recruit Grui takes under his command. 




Like many before him, hard work and dedication got him the role of a Daimyo. But Kai did so with ruthless efficiency and bloodlust. Rarely has an opponent ever faced him and lived to tell about his skill with a blade to another living soul. The only thing Kai is more loyal to than his blade is gold and wealth. His combat skills were so unique and unpredictable that the Shogun hired him from a rival Samurai clan so he did not lose any more troops to the man's devilish skills, Kai was appointed Daimyo by the Shogun to continue to appease this wild card of a warrior. Kai often quotes "Integrity of your blade far more often determines the outcomes of a battle than planning or preparation." His ruthless training puts all of his recruits through a gauntlet of activities to test that very integrity.



Sheita was orphaned and raised by a clan of ninjas at young age. The ninja clan had taught her everything she knows about being a deadly combatant and tactician. When she turned 17, she left the ninja clan she called her home high on the mountain to seek a career without the influence of the ninja society . Shortly afterwards she found work as a Geisha. With her skills she learned from the Shinobi she was able to quickly adapt to the tasks of a Geisha and raise to the top of her trade. It is as the top Geisha in her village that would lead to her meeting the Shogun. In the dark of the night when her services were requested by the visiting Shogun, she showed her capability in more than just passion and saved the resting Shogun from an assassination attempt. It was the next morning that the Shogun hired her as his personal Geisha and body guard. Years later, the Shogun – deep in battle with raiding clans – found her tactical aptitude above most any Daimyo he commanded. Using her newly discovered wit, they planned and implemented a winning strategy. The ceremony appointing her as the first female Daimyo followed only a few short months later. The compassion and mercy shown to her by the Shogun is what guides her eye when selecting potential recruits. 


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