Something Wicked This Way Comes...

December 5, 2018

Hello everyone,


Sorry I haven't posted in a long while. The last few posts have been about Nexus, Scrapyard. Today I bring a new project into the fold. Though I intend to continue working on Nexus and the games that continue that story, I feel my efforts today are better suited working this new project - along with refining some older ones. 

 Times are dark and sinister agents move in the shadows. Can you stop the Elder Ones from waking?


In this 2-player asymmetrical card game, one player investigates several locations for indications of Cultist activity. Facing maddening dangers and grotesque specters, the Investigators duty is two-fold - find out what horrors lurk in the shadows and stop them. Be clever and place Elder signs to seal gates before the cult can awaken an Elder One. 


The Cultist sets perilous traps and summons fearful specters to block the Investigators path. Cultist may also cast reality warping spells to prevent the Investigator from discovering the secrets of the Elder Shadows.


Each player is given a set amount of action during their turn to use as best they see fit. Will you draw cards or Investigate? Will you summon a Specter or set a trap? In a devious twist to standard card games, Elder Shadows implements a unique Sanity system making all cards more, or less, powerful based on the current Sanity level.


Can you seal all the gates and stop the Cult before they can open the gateway to unimaginable horror?

Are you excited? I am! Look forward to seeing more information over the coming months!


Thanks you, as always

Nicholas Markgraf

Pawnjoker Games

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