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February 13, 2019

Hello Readers!


I apologize for missing a few weeks of updates. I have no real excuse because, as with many in the north, I was trapped inside by the Polar Vortex.  


This week we want to give readers a glimpse into the design for one of the Investigator cards. We posted this on social media earlier in the week and it was meet with mostly positive remarks and some overwhelming feedback. After some time today we were able to remedy a lot of the feedback we were given and we are pretty confidant of the new layout.  


Not to say this layout is 100%, but we very much like the way it looks right now - and we hope you do too!


As you may have been able to deduce, Elder Shadows is built with factions in mind. Being able to segregate cards into a "color pie" will help us ensure that each faction can feel and play distinctly different. Elder Shadows will also allow players to incorporate cards from other factions to help customize your strategy. Limiting this interaction will help us deliver a balanced play experience.  Powerful cards from the one won't be able to be combined in the same deck as powerful cards from another faction without a very hefty price. 


This weekend is Con of the North! We are so excited to have people play Elder Shadows and provide some valuable feedback to help us make Elder Shadows better! I'll have a more in depth post about the lessons learned at the con in two weeks - stay tuned!


Thanks for reading!


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