Rumor Has it...

May 16, 2019

Hello everyone!


It has been quite some time since my last update. I apologize for the delay. Elder Shadows has progressed quite a bit since the last update. Please read on to learn one of the more important changes.




We felt that the Investigator had little incentive to move from one location to another. To counter this "camping" nature we developed rumors and the rumor phase. If the Investigator has below a threshold of stress she gains a rumor phase at the end of her turn. In this phase the Investigator not only raises sanity and scores but she can hear rumors of activity at other locations. Mechanically, during the rumor phase the investigator player can place one of five unique rumors on a location not currently occupied by the investigator. Later in the game, if the investigator decides to investigate a location and its rumor, she can benefit from the unique effect of the rumor if the investigation is successful. 


Rumor effects include but are not limited to doubling Insight earned during the investigation, or forcing the cultist player to discard the cards that were guessed correctly during the investigation. All of the effects blend naturally into the tactical decisions the Investigator encounters turn after turn.


That's all I can say about the Rumor phase and its impact on the game at the moment but I can leave you all with the art for the one and only - Cthulhu




Thank you all for reading and I hope you join me next time, be it in two weeks or next month.


Thanks again,

Nicholas Markgraf

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