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March 24, 2017

After many weeks of testing and tweeking the current design feels like something unique without being utterly confusing. Surprising considering the current version deviates little from the Original Concept. Please allow me to detail some of the changes.


1. Crew cards have been seperated from the component cards. Crew cards are now a seperate deck of cards that you can "hire." This puts more emphisis on how to use the cards in your hand, which double as income and Victory Points.


2. Values on each component and crew have been optimized around the dual drck concept.


3. 9 ships grew to 12 for replay value.


4. Chronicle mechanics working so far. Random event feels like an AI working against all players and have been equal and harsh.


5. The biggest change. Turn structure has been altered. TOC gave the player 2 choices. The new, more thematic structure gives the players 180 "minutes" in which to take actions. Each action requires a certain amount of time. Buyimg ships for example requires 60 minutes of discussion and paperwork. Collecting income (drawing) requires 45 mintes of careful coordination with secrataries and financieers. 


These are a summary of how much the game has changed in such a short time. I am eagerly waiting to play again and am looking forward to put the art assets together.


Thanks for reading.


Nicholas Markgraf

PawnJoker Games

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