A New Year, A New Direction

January 1, 2017

I am sad to announce that my third adventure into crowdfunding board games has failed. Twice. Two times on Kickstarter and Court of Kings, a social discussion game of medieval intrigue, failed to raise necessary funds to further my goals. With deep wounds, I must ponder, "give up or forge forward?" Never has the quote "go big or go home" had more meaning to me now. 


I am proud to announce that the duration of 2017 will be dedicated to a game I've been designing for years. A game that spawned the passion and drive to self-publish games. The game I have been waiting to unveil. This game - Nexus: Scrapyard.


Nexus: Scrapyard is the first in a five game series detailing the rise of a galactic tyrant. In this first chapter, you will play as a rival entrepreneur attempting to outwit others while purchasing ships at a great discount and hiring crews to either mass a fortune or to sabotage your rivals. 


A brief rundown of the basics of Scrapyard.
During your turn you will have the option to do ALL of the following options ONCE - OR ONE option TWICE.

1.Draw up to one card.
2.Play up to one Component card under a ship in the scrapyard. (The scrapyard is a collection of ships in the center of the table. Players will be placing components under these ships until they are bought and eventually scored.)
3. Play a crew card on any ship with room in any fleet. (A fleet is a collection of ships purchased by a player. Each ship will have room for only a few crew cards.) They player that owns the fleet the crew card is placed into resolves the effect of the crew card.
4. Purchase a ship from the scrapyard and add it to your fleet. (To purchase a ship you must discard cards from your hand that have a combined credit cost equal to or more than the purchase cost of the ship. The purchase cost of the ship decreases with every component played under it.)
5. Inspect cards under ships in the scrapyard. (To inspect cards, discard cards from your hand that have a combined credit cost of 2 or more to look at cards under ships in the scrapyard. Credit 2 = look at 1 card. Credit 5 = look at 3 cards.)


The chapter ends when all the ships in the scrapyard are purchased. Players total the VP from components and crew and the player with the most VP wins!


At this moment you are probably thinking "another VP salad type game, sigh." Kind of... I'd like to add more thoughtful and interesting scoring systems and hopefully, some come out during playtesting. If you have any ideas about the scoring or the game in general, feel free to drop a comment here or by emailing pawnjokergames@gmail.com!

Thank you for reading and if you'd like to follow along with the progress, please sign up for the newsletter at www.pawnjokergames.com!


More.... later
Nicholas Markgraf
PawnJoker Games

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