A new "Legacy."

February 13, 2017

I personally don't feel excited when I see "Legacy" in a board game title or description. I have multiple groups I play with and IF I were to introduce a Legacy game to one group, I spoil it for the other groups. Take Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective as an example. Though not a Legacy game, I cannot play the same scenario with two different groups because I have already experienced the mystery. 


Yet I dub the Nexus Series of games as Legacy. Please allow me to explain. Much in the same way previous plays of a Legacy game influences the next game, each installment if Nexus will be influenced by the events of the previous game. This carries a similar excitement and impact from game to game yet it allows you to play the game with various groups without any spoilers. The inevitable goal is to gather a group of friends and play these five games over 6 or 7 hours and have a different experience every time. No need to organize the same group of players for the next month of a Legacy game, just pure enjoyment.


So how does the Legacy work in the Nexus games? All players are testing their guile against an NPC as well as the other players at the table, trying to score higher than this NPC. Much in the same way the players are trying to score better than Sherlock in Consulting Detective. As of now in testing the average score is around 10 so let us use this a base point. In Nexus:Scrapyard any player that scores higher than 10 points will receive a bonus in the next installment of the Nexus series. Likewise, the winner of Scrapyard will receive another special bonus. Neither of these bonuses will be in any way game breaking but will be a benefit worth striving to for.


That is the simple Legacy portion, this next part is a little more involved. In Scrapyard, players will be randomly drawing from a deck of cards. In this deck is an event card. When drawn, the player who draws it will reveal the top card of the event deck (only three cards right now but more are in development.) This event will impact Nexus: Scrapyard immediately, generally removing a ship from scrapyard, or a players Fleet - representing the NPC invloving himself in the game. More importantly, the event on top of the event discard pile at the end of the game will influence rules and mechanics in the next installment of the Nexus series. I can't say exactly how right now but know these influences will be dramatic.


You might be able to see how these events could impact the expeirence of playing these five games. No sitting should ever be the same with all the random events that occur and impact the next game. To my knowledge this is something that hasn't ever been done and makes my job in developing these games much more difficult. Not only do they need to be good games but the need to be balanced and fun between five different games.


Thats all Ive got for you today. I hope you enjoyed. If you have comments or questions, please leave them here and Ill see you next time. But not really because this is a blog on the internet and you know what I mean.



Nicholas Markgraf


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