Nexus: Lore introduction

February 2, 2017

The Nexus games take place in a universe I have been designing since I was 14. Now that you know the base of the game and some of the changes that have been made, lets take a journey to the universe of the Nexus theme.


Nexus is actually a code name for the third Protoplanet, P-Charlie. Protoplanets are massive mechanical constructs emulating Earth living conditions. On the surface of these constructs are independent domed cities and underneath the surface, a thriving metropolis built in spherical layers, corridors and elevator lifts. 


The Nexus, P-Charlie, was overtaken during construction by criminal organizations. Without the lack Government funding, upkeep and peacekeeping, Nexus has become quite a dangerous place to visit. Constant power failures and the more than seldom life support failures only begin to illustrate the dangers of such a place. Take all that and consider the Thirteen factions that united to take over Nexus now numbers twelve. The thirteenth lost in an ever escalating game of criminal power.


P-Charlie joins P-Beta, P-Alpha, the under construction P-Delta and KS as they all orbit around Omega, the bright sun that illuminates the Helio Galaxy.  A ring of satellites orbit K2, much in the same way the Disc orbits Earth hundreds of light years away. But this is a discussion of Nexus, so lets save the other details for later...


The dangers that lurk in nearly every crevice of Nexus make the Protoplanet a natural hub of criminal activity. Although not every criminal organization in the galaxy can be found on the Nexus, it is a sure bet that if you are looking for a criminal, you can find them on the Nexus. 


Many eager entrepreneurs make their way to the Nexus to escape from the many bureaucratic restriction on business. In Nexus: Scrapyard, you play as one of these eager businessmen. You will bribe Sid, the homely scrapyard manager, to customize a craft to your specifications. Be careful though, other entrepreneurs are sure to be doing the same thing! Knowing this, maybe you bribe old Sid to install a weak window or ruptured fuel cell into one of the crafts, sabotaging it for the buyer. But that's not all - you can't manage a ship without a crew! Hire the best of the best to help you or hinder your competition.


This is just the tip of the lettuce. More on the lore of the Nexus as well as other Protoplanets and areas of the universe will come in time. Right now, it is the Nexus I want to show you.


Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed the lore so far! If you would like to follow along with the process, please sign up for the newsletter at!



Nicholas Markgraf

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